Offering you professional home care &
recruitment services

Care Giver

Provide assistance, support, and care to individuals who are unable to perform daily activities on their own due to physical, mental or age limitations.

Private Home Tutors

We provide you with personalized academic support to students in their homes and helping them achieve educational goals.


We help in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your homes, offices, etc.

Home Help

Our home help provides professional assistance with household task for our clients who may require extra support due to age, illness or disability.


Our chefs help you to plan, prepare, and cook quality meals utilizing their knowledge of culinary techniques.

Technical Supports

We offer professional IT assistance to your organization to help provide solutions to technical difficulties and resolve them.


Our Nannies provide professional childcare services and is responsible for supervising your Childrens safety and wellbeing.

Cab Services

We offer professional transportation services to our distinguished clients by offering on-demand rides through a network of qualified drivers.

Workers Recruitment

We help to identify, attract, and select qualified candidates to fill job vacancies for your organization.

Job Placement

We connect job seekers with potential employers and job opportunities..

“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.”

Ralph Marston

About Us

 LOMIRA HOME CARE & RECRUITMENT AGENCY is a standard and professional care service provider , we offer Non- medical care assistance that enables people live easy and comfortable life, We are  also an Agency dedicated to finding people jobs of their choice, and assisting Employers who need staffs in getting trained workers for more flexibility.


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